YDSA of BC statement on cancellation of BC CEO Club event

The Young Democratic Socialists of Boston College call on the university to cancel the upcoming speech by General Dynamics Chairman and CEO Phebe N. Novakovic at the Boston College Chief Executives Club in June. General Dynamics is one of the world’s leading weapons manufacturers. It supplies weapons to Israel that are used to kill Palestinian civilians. Weapons made by General Dynamics have also been used to murder civilians in places like Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. The company also assists in the detainment of migrant children who cross the US-Mexican border and in the surveillance of immigrant communities in the US .

YDSA of BC also calls on the university to remove Raytheon CEO Thomas A. Kennedy from the BC Chief Executives Club Board of Governors. Weapons made by Raytheon have been used to commit war crimes in Yemen, including the bombing of a market that killed 97 people and the bombing of a funeral that killed 100. These two men are complicit in the massacre of civilians on a massive scale.

Pope Francis has said the arms industry revolves around money drenched in blood. He stated “In the face of this shameful and culpable silence, it is our duty to confront the problem and to stop the arms trade.”

Boston College can no longer continue the charade of claiming to uphold Jesuit Catholic Values while associating with corporate executives who are responsible for untold death and human suffering.

Fact sheet on crimes of General Dynamics and Raytheon


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